The Way That Tempts Readers by the Scientific Topic

Sometimes cutting-edge scientific research spurs people’s imaginations. This article titled “Red Wine Molecule Is Shown to Extend Life” is such an example, and its title makes people dream of living longer by drinking wine. However, this fascinating discovery does not perfectly meet their expectations.

The findings in this article, Red wine molecule is shown to extend life were related to an experiment of resveratrol, compound in the grape skins, which prevents the negative effects of obesity, so it would be helpful for likely obese people This article explained the results of experiment using words familiar to the public who have non-scientific backgrounds. For example, the writer likened high-saturated fat diet to eating a cream cake with every meal. However, his writing confuses readers, as he exclusively focused on the longevity in the experiment without a reasonable explanation of the clear link between longevity and result of experiment, avoiding drawbacks of obesity.

As I mentioned above, this research is more important to obese people than others in terms of preventing the most negative effects of an unhealthy diet in mammals. In the article, it explained how the resveratrol ultimately activated a key gene linked to extending lifespan progressively. Firstly, it started with familiar words to the public in an expert’s quotation, and then it mentioned a key gene, SIRT1, activated by resveratrol. Finally, the research showed that obese mice that died prematurely compared to normal mice, but became healthier and lived as long as normal mice after they were fed on a high-fat diet which included resveratrol. 

Presumably, some people think “Alas! Finally scientists have found a cure for obesity! The new compound, resveratrol, will help us treat obesity!” However, the writer warned readers not to jump to a hasty conclusion, and he got his point across through the quotations at the tail end of the passage. However, the writer should have allowed people to be more critical by delivering more information: the resveratol neither reduced people’s weights nor guaranteed the lifespan extension of the normal mice in this research.

Overall, this article described the extending lifespan effect stemming from resveratrol intake in obese mice. Although the writer failed to accurately depict scientific discoveries about the efficacy of resveratrol, he kept the core that the science writing should deliver information that public were most interested in.


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