The end of oil

 When you wake up in the morning, what do you do first? Maybe you turn on the light in your room. Also when you finish a day, you turn off it. In the other words, your day starts and ends with electricity. For the most part, 40%, of total energy consumption derives from the oil. Now the oil will run out in 50 years. What will happen after the end of oil? I think the most effective changes will occur in transport.

 You will change your car instead of gassing up it. Transportation accounts for 28% of all energy use in 2004, and 97% of transportation fuel is petroleum. In 2050, we won’t keep using these cars. The tendency nowadays is toward that the electric car, which will replace the gasoline car. Then, how can we get amount of the electricity energy in place of oil? We can find the answer from the sun. Photovoltage, or solar energy, is the ideal solution. Because solar radiation is most of the incoming energy in earth’s energy budget; the solar radiation entering the earth is estimated at 174 per watt a year, so photovoltage can support the energy consumption for the electric car. Thus, who will charge photovoltage and sell it? They will be the new OPEC, Organization of Photovoltage Exporting Contries. It will be made up of Equador, perto Rigo, and the central Asian centuries. Maybe they will be the new power in the world. Then, the relation of power will be changed. Especially in America, the shoe will be on the other foot.

The world’s energy we have monotonically increased since the industrial Revolution, of course the oil mostly stood up the consumption, but now we face the end of oil. Many countries have the plan to reduce the use of energy. The change is already announced. Though I said that the transport will be changed too much, not only the transportation but also most of our lives will be changed. I think the best solution to cope with the change is to live with it.


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